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7 GODS demo group - past and jokes.

First chapter - And the God said: Let there be data. And there were data.

1992 - Ped meets Pavuk at ZX Sinclair club. Ped was working on his first game in pure assembler (for ZX of course) (it was "Simulator Vyherneho Automatu(Gambling machine)", and it was released for public in year 1994 (when it was already finished on the tape for maybe 1 year, but I was lazy to link it up with graphics)). And Pavuk was trying to do some demo ... The result was released in the beginning of year 1993.

1993 - ZER0 DEM0 - our FIRST demo !!! (for ZX Spectrum of course) I could just tell you that there were some text scrollers and stolen music from F.Fuka and game Platoon (which makes us to feel sorry today, but in 1993 in was quite normal to use stolen music while we had problems to find a musician). Ped and Pavuk of course LOVES this demo. (You couldn't forget the first one) At dec 1993 Ped is playing soccer with his friend Zsolt (living 40m from Ped), and by the way they start to talk about Spectrum demos. And what a surprise, Tren (Zsolt) is a musician. And I think, that one of the best ever born. Tren joined us immediatly, because he had some problems with coding (he did later few nice things as coder too, but he hadn't that much time to spend with coding, like Ped and Pavuk, to master his coding skills)

May 1994 - ShortDigi - and - J.M.Jarre live - two very short Tren's demos.

Sep 1994 (!) - RIGHT VIEW from the Columbia - Ped was explaining some optimization techniques to Tren in Z80 assembler. Tren did some musics and animations and one of our best pieces was born. (mostly we like design)

Sep 1994 (!) - Second Attempt - the first attempt was J.M.Jarre live and we are speaking about Tren's attempts to make some demo alone. This time he was more successful and without any help from Ped nor Pavuk he finished this maybe a little bit simpler demo, but still nice one.

Sep 1994 (!) - Pure Black - Demo (?) (probably it's better to call it music disk). Few bytes of code done by Pavuk (in 1 day), sampled music and pictures were supported by Ayland. (! this September activity does look like some mystery to us ... maybe it was caused by the beginning of school year ... !)

Dec 1994 - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PC section founded !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ped saw some demo from Prokop, where he put his e-mail. Prokop met Sayza, Ped met Destroyer and Ronyx, who is friend of Sayza. Or something like that, we don't remember it exactly, but everyone of us was planning to do some demo. And we founded motivation in first Slovak demo party "DemoBit'95", which was preparing at that time.

May 1995 - DEMOBIT'95 - What a party !!! (we don't mean GOOD party) There happened a lot ... e.g.: PC demo was compiled 7 min before the presentation at the big scream (or big screen ? *grin*) (thanks goes to Zden for his computer). The presentation was OK, without any problem. (we still don't believe it, but it happened) Results:

By the way, don't take these results too much seriously. Who visited DB'95 must know, why ... But it was the first Slovak demo party, and it's hard to do something perfect at first time.
At all, we liked the party, we did few new personal records like playing DOOM deathmatch for 8 hours, or Ped's 117 hours being awake with 3 hours of sleep (don't try this at home, Ped has got some problems till today). We met lot of demo freaks, about 1000 people (!) applauded to our demo, when picture "debil inside" appeared (debil means "stupid"), etc...

May 1995 - One day demo - very short demo from Snake and Tren (and BASIC loader by Ped) for ZX Spectrum.

Sep 1995 (fixed version released at 10.10.1995) - DemoBit'96 Invitation intro DB'96 was planned and canceled several times. First date was May 5th 1996, than Oct 10th, than there were some rumors about April 1997, and finally it becomes a real thing in year 1998, but this is described in the next part of this text. This intro is done for ZX Spectrum. Just by the way, Skywalker (main organizer of DemoBit) had so much bad luck. When the date Oct 10th was advertised in media, party place reserved, etc... one of sponsors withdrawed. A one week before party! We wouldn't name these lamers here to do not make them advertisement...

DB96 Invi intro was in final version packed together with game "descent" for ZX Spectrum. It is a very simple and stupid BASIC game, done in 50min. But lot of people liked it very much. They reported, that it is absolutely playable and stupid, what was marvelous ... eh?

Since Dec 1995 we were working mostly in pairs or alone on several projects. PAVUK started to learn something about WWW, later he started to examine systems security holes in Unix-like OSes and he was working as system administrator. (lately he got new nick "Hekino". The similarity with english "hackino" is just an accident) Tren did few music for one ZX disc magazine, and he was trying and learning to do music at PC.
Prokop simply disappeared from our sight, and we didn't hear about him often. Ronyx finally got the GP2 from Microprose, bought the wheel and played all the time ...
Destroyer and Sayza were doing their university exams, Ped was harassing girls and drinking cola and we were all quite fine. Than Ped and Sayza were asked for help by two young men. They were trying to do 3D RPG game. Ped was planning to do games since his first look at computer and Sayza agreed too. In 3 months we developed few 3D engines. From Wolfenstein-like one (1 week) to extended DOOM-like engine (probably like Duke Nuke "build", but one year before Duke appeared). And we did understand, that it is impossible to do a 3D game at Sayza's 386DX40. So we choose to do a 2D shoot'em'all game, because we thought, that it would be possible. In July 1996 Ped bought his first computer. Till this date he was working at friend's or school's computers. So, many thanks to all of you, who helped me in these years.

Jan 1996 - Pefo joined us, he was proclaiming himself to be PC coder.

Apr 1996 - our WWW page has born. We promised there, that this history document will grown in future (the original was nearly identical with this part you have been reading till now). And as always we did promise something, what was quite obvious. (probably just for our members, because rest of demo scene forgot about us) And because the date Apr 1996 is long time ago (i wouldn't even tell you, how long ;), and our old WWW pages were quite lacking actual info, we told to ourselves, that it is right time to renew our pages.

So, second chapter - return of lost gods.

Jul 1997 - Starrider - Tren's music disc for PC. Tren released few PC music before this date (you will find them in download section), but Starrider is not just a "try", but a real thing. 10 super tracks, which could be compared with commercial CDs, got a very positive response from public.

Sep 1997 - YES - demo for ZX Spectrum. This demo supposed to be released at DemoBit'96. DB'96 was canceled, so we released this demo without party. This is our best demo for ZX Spectrum. YES was designed for party big screen, so you couldn't simply compare it with other ZX demos, but we think, that YES is one of the best demos ever created for Speccy. With demo there was short intro too, everything is compatible with ZX Spectrum emulators for PC. (of course it does not look as good as original Speccy with party big screen, but it works)

In this time Sayza finished his Quake-like 3D engine (university project), and thus finished his study successfully. He started to code in PosAm. Then the army called him to serve Slovak republic. After one year in army he returned, and he's back with us. And he was all the time working on our first game for PC "Futureal".

Prokop, Ronyx and Destroyer finished their study too and entered the army too. Prokop is already back from army, Ronyx will return in Oct 1999, and Destroyer about half year later. Pavuk, Ped, Pefo and Tren are still calling themselves "students" and will finish their studies lately.

Spring 1998 - small demo party Pure'98, organized by Skywalker and by his super friends. In very small room with about 50 people we watched some demos, there was one big wild compo and trip back to home. Pure was joined by Tren and Ped from 7 Gods. Their opinion about party is: 6 hours trip to buttplace (Bratislava), 6 hours party, 6 hours drinking in pubs with "Mist" and other well known Slovak demo sceners, 6 hours trip to buttplace (Kosice). The ratio "trip to party" is 1:1 (if we count this drinking as party). 1:1 is a VERY interesting ratio. But you know, we are demo freaks. Tren even joined the wild compo with 2 musics, but due to old version of player they sounded strange, and it was not worth of it. By the way, the non-scene people were probably afraid of us, or what ... we are still confused, why. We should probably to stop beat these innocent people. *huh?*

21.11.1998 - DemoBit'98 - (at least one exact date) What a party !!!! (didn't you read something like that before ?) This time was DB'98 announced 2 weeks before the action, when Skywalker was sure, that nothing would stop him. To be exact, about next DemoBit we were talking since DB'95, but you know, until the date is out, nobody takes it seriously. This situation resulted in two effects. The DB'98 really happened and we wish more luck to DB organizers to be successful in next years too. And the second thing is, that all production was created in hurry. We attended DB'98 with demo "WHY" for PC, which placed 2nd. (BTW. the top four demos: 1. "Cage" / Shakul, 2. "Why" / 7 Gods, 3. "XLAT" / MOVSD, 4. "Minimal (haluska)" / Zden finished with really minimal point differences) Tren won music compo with "The Singing piano" music. DB'98 visited from 7 Gods: Destroyer, Pavuk, Pefo, Ped and Tren. Also Apache (who helped us with 3D objects for WHY) went with us. At the party place we met Mondo (from Kosice too), and he is 7 Gods fan (the only one *smile*). Sayza helped us with demo, but he didn't visit DB'98 personally due to his experiences with DB'95.

Mar 1999 - we finally decide to update our WWW page from year 1996. At the big 7 Gods session in our city we met together (all active 7 Gods members except Pavuk, and also Apache, Mondo and Fefe joined us). We asked Fefe, if he would like to join us (he is graphician and 3D maniac), and he did. We also decide to call Prokop and Ronyx as "non-active 7 Gods members", what doesn't mean anything serious.

We are actually finishing our PC game "Futureal" (just 3-5 months), so you could wish us luck to earn at least as much money as we spend, while we were creating it. And, what's lot more important, wish us "to finish it", because we are killing our time with it very long now, and we don't have too much time for other things.

If Ped should tell you something about 7 Gods, how it looks at the beginning of year 1999, than he'd tell you something like this: Prokop did fairly a lot for 7 Gods existence, so we are thankful for that. And we are looking forward to meet with him again. Ronyx did a lot for us too, and we are glad, that he will be soon back from army.
Fefe as a freshmember of our group has a task to improve graphics in our future releases.
Pefo ... if he code so much, as he TALKS about coding, he'd probably do anything by himself without our help, but till now he does just as much as other members. Who knows, maybe in the future ...
Destroyer is actually in army, so I wouldn't blackmail him. *smile*
Pavuk doesn't have time at all, and if he want to miss few next 7 Gods sessions, he will be probably another "non-active" member. Anyway, we must thank him for demo YES (ZX), because Ped didn't have time for it.
Sayza did "90210" and "WHY" demos final versions, I have to tell something more ?
Tren is still doing his cool music, and forcing the rest of us to work.
Ped is ... is ... well, let it be. You haven't read it till here, we don't believe. Anyway, thank you for your time. And don't forget, watch our demos. And tell us, how did you like/hate them. This is the only reward for our work, to hear from people, that they saw our production. And, don't forget us again. We are here. We will do more stuff. We just don't know, WHEN. Maybe in year 2003 ?

This is the end of the Second chapter.