7 Gods demo group - Who we are ?!?

The 7 Gods demo group is a group of its members. *smile*

Members of 7 Gods are:
Destroyer (Juraj Barat,destroyer@7gods.org),
Fefe (Martin Ferencei, fefe@7gods.org),
Pavuk (Marek Antozi, pavuk@7gods.org),
Mr.Ped (Peter Helcmanovsky, ped@7gods.org),
Pefo (Peter Onofrej, pefo@7gods.org),
Prokop (Peter Prokopcak),
Ronyx (Tomas Kopnicky, ronyx@7gods.org),
Sayza (Maros Sandor, sayza@7gods.org)
a Tren (Zsolt Trencsenyi, tren@7gods.org).

All members of 7 GODS are in some way interested in computers (coding, music, design, animations, etc...). We are mostly working on REAL TIME calculated graphic effects, 3D engines, Virtual Reality, but we are doing "serious" programming too. It means, we are studying new algorithms, and some of us are competing in several students' programming competitions.

We are working today mostly at IBM PC compatible machines under Win95, MS-DOS and Linux, but we are still sometimes working at ZX Spectrum and sometimes we use SUNs and other UNIX-like systems.

So we know about programming a lot, if You think, that You may have some work for us, contact us, maybe we will be able to help you.

You may contact me (Ped) by e-mail: ped@7gods.org or You may finger me at helco@duro.upjs.sk to get more actual info about me ... Now more detailed personal info