ZX Spectrum
 PC Dema

PC Dema

Video z dema 90210, ktore pre nas urobil pan Dr. Michael Huth

Pedove 'no need of drug' 256b intro

preco v1.1

MOD v1.0

viera v1.3 plne vydanie (mnozstvo optimalizacii)

viera v1.2 verzia (potrebujete verziu 1.0 aby ste to mohli bezat)

.preco. pre LiNUX

Pedove 256 oktetove intro

viera v1.1 s podporou pre Matrox G400, ATI, Voodoo, 3dNow! (potrebujete verziu 1.0 aby ste to mohli bezat)

viera by 7 GODS (prve miesto na DB00)

preco by 7 GODS (druhe miesto na DB98)

"90210" by 7 GODS - nase prve demo pre PC platformu, demobit 1995, stvrte miesto
-> Ako spustit 90210

ZX Spectrum

-> Ako spustit ZX dema

(TAP files)
Zer0 dem0
Zer0 Demo

Right view from the Columbia
Right view from the Columbia

One day demo
One day demo

Jarre live
Jarre live (first demo from TREN)

2nd Attempt
2nd Attempt (second one)

FSRD - 2nd place at DB'95

db 1996 invitation
DB'96 invitation intro (+DESCENT - BASIC game for ZX)

: Our last demo for ZX Speccy (in .TAP format)

Some tools for conversion between various ZX Spectrum emulator file formats.
(TAP <-> 000) (TAP <-> HOB) (000 -> BIN) (6192 screen files viewer) Check ZX sites for more tools and emulators of ZX Speccy.


Datafile manager - pack all your data files into one. Supports compression and checksums.

Sysparm - sysinfo utility for detection of CPU type, extended instructions sets and RAM information under W9x with source files.


Tren's S3M and XM public free music files :

Spacewalk (S3M)
Challenger (S3M)
Dimension 0 (S3M)
CyberToys (S3M)
Fire & forget (XM)

Tren's music disc "StarRider":

  1. starrider 1 (XM)/(MP3)
  2. attracted by the darkness (XM)/(MP3)
  3. lost is time (XM)/(MP3)
  4. summer night on the blue planet (XM)/(MP3)
  5. starrider 2 (XM)/(MP3)
  6. hibernated (XM)/(MP3)
  7. alpha and omega (XM)/(MP3)
  8. distant starshine (XM)/(MP3)
  9. deep space (XM)/(MP3)
  10. the final chase (XM)/(MP3)

Tren's ZX (TAP file) public free music file : Details (TAP) (ZX Spectrum music !)
Tren's FUTUREAL soundtracks preview. FUTUREAL is action game by First Sight Ent..
Tren's Wonderland
Tren's Celtic Rain
Tren's muzak called The Singing Piano (1st place at DB98) in .XM format, or in .MP3 format.


X wing - first 3DS model by Fefe. (packed MAX & GIF files)


"Masters Of Deflektor" Small logic game for 2 players

"Masters Of Deflektor" - 10th anniversary repack Small logic game for 2 players

Pedova 'aces over cassovia' 2kb hra