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PC Demos

name type release date release party download screenshot
Heart in love 256B intro february 2018 4th at Demobit 2018 Resonation 7-zip + src
video (306.6MB)
git repo
MODE windows demo december 2000 3rd at Digital Zooo 2000 zip file
No need of drug 256B intro may 2000 4th at Avalcon 2000 zip file
...too fugly...
FATE windows demo february 2000 1st at Demobit 2000 zip v1.3
v1.0 + v1.1 + v1.2
SNOWSHOW 256B intro february 2000 missed Demobit 2000 zip + src
WHY windows, dos, linux demo december 1998 2nd at Demobit 1998 zip v1.1 (WinXP)
v1.0 (W9x or DOS)
linux version
90210 dos demo may 1995 4th at Demobit 1995 zip file
How-to run it
video (130MB)

ZX Spectrum

name type release date release party download screenshot
YES ZX 128 demo june 1997 for canceled Demobit'96 TAP file
DB'96 invitation intro ZX 48+AY invitation september 1995 for canceled Demobit'96 TAP file
“F.S.R.D. preview”
ZX 128 demo may 1995 2nd at Demobit 1995 TAP file
One day demo ZX 48+AY demo may 1995   TAP file
2nd Attempt (second one) ZX 48+AY demo september 1994   TAP file
The “right” view from the Columbia ZX 48+AY demo september 1994   TAP file
Jarre live
(first demo from TREN)
ZX 48+AY demo may 1994   TAP file
Zer0 Dem0
(first demo from Pavuk and Ped)
ZX 48+AY demo early 1993   TAP file
tips, tools and webs PC dos/win
web links
    How-to run ZX demos
Conversion tools
World of Spectrum


Tren's S3M and XM public free music files:

Spacewalk (S3M)
Challenger (S3M)
Dimension 0 (S3M)
CyberToys (S3M)
Fire & forget (XM)

Tren's music disc "StarRider":

  1. starrider 1 (XM)/(MP3)
  2. attracted by the darkness (XM)/(MP3)
  3. lost is time (XM)/(MP3)
  4. summer night on the blue planet (XM)/(MP3)
  5. starrider 2 (XM)/(MP3)
  6. hibernated (XM)/(MP3)
  7. alpha and omega (XM)/(MP3)
  8. distant starshine (XM)/(MP3)
  9. deep space (XM)/(MP3)
  10. the final chase (XM)/(MP3)

Tren's ZX (TAP file) public free music file: Details (TAP) (ZX Spectrum music!)
Tren's FUTUREAL soundtracks preview. FUTUREAL is action game (never released) by First Sight Ent..
Tren's Wonderland
Tren's Celtic Rain
Tren's muzak called The Singing Piano (1st place at DB98) in .XM format, or in .MP3 format.


Datafile manager - pack all your data files into one. Supports compression and checksums.

Sysparm - sysinfo utility for detection of CPU type, extended instructions sets and RAM information under W9x with source files.


X wing - first 3DS model by Fefe. (packed MAX & GIF files)


Ped's 'aces over cassovia' 2kb game (src included) two planes in dogfight (for two players only)

"Masters Of Deflektor" - 10th anniversary repack Small logic game for 2 players